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Annnd yes, I am still listening to you guys with recipe blog advice. Last night I made a roast and followed (loosely) the instructions on Jamie Oliver’s website. The roast…

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Awhile ago I was emailed and asked to write a blog post on using jQuery and ajax and I hesitated for awhile because I suffer from a strong case of ‘the more you learn the less you know,’ which basically means that although I write javascript every. single. day, and lots and lots of it, I still feel like I don’t know enough to teach others. In fact, I feel like I almost know nothing at all. Because every single day someone teaches me something new. Technology is crazy, yo.

Anyway, I changed my mind because I read a javascript article on .net magazine that was filled with errors and I was like “Ok clearly a lack of 100% knowledge didn’t stop THAT guy from writing something.”

And I figured that at the very least, I’d do a better job than he did.

So with that caveat in mind, after the jump you will find a basic intro to writing ajax.
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I have an ongoing battle with sugar. About two years ago, I wrote a post about cutting myself off. It didn’t last long. For the last few months, every day…

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