3 weeks of no sugar

I’m officially on week three of being sugar-free. This is big for me. I’ve been trying to go sugar-free for a long time, but I always break after a day or two.

I’ve declared loudly on my blog before that I am boycotting sugar, but if there’s one thing that can melt my willpower like ice-cream on a hot day, it’s sugarrrr, my kryptonite. Pretty sure sugar’s addictive qualities must be right up there with heroine and nicotine.

Anyway, honestly, “3 weeks of no sugar” is a bit sensational and untrue. Really it’s this:

  • 3 weeks of no refined sugar
  • That includes sugar hidden in products like tomato sauce and bread (did you know a lot of “healthy whole grain” breads contain high fructose corn syrup? wtf?)
  • Also no simple carbs, like white rice, although I screwed that up the other day (not my fault!) when I ordered brown rice with my meal and the waitress gave BEN brown rice instead. Sigh. Ben hates brown rice. Nobody wins.

I’ve definitely not been abstaining from natural sugars, and if you were a sugar-free purist you’d gag when you found out how much natural sugar I’ve been consuming :( It’s pretty bad.

  • Honey [raw, unpasteurized, at least] with oatmeal and plain yogurt every morning
  • Honey with plain yogurt for dessert at night
  • A banana at lunch… with more plain yogurt (I am also on a yogurt craze these days it seems)
  • Lots and lots of dates, which, I discovered after making four batches of these muffins and this cake, are basically like nature’s version of candy. I will devour an entire bag of dates if given the chance; they are deceptively tasty (deceptive because they look like weird shrivelled up cockroaches)

So. In a perfect world I would curtail my natural sugar intake as well, but baby steps, right? And having completed THREE WEEKS without touching any of the super bad stuff, I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s hard. I have the worst willpower for that sort of thing. I had to turn down FREE DOUGHNUTS the other day at work. That was tough. I had to text Ben afterwards to brag about how strong I was.

Have I noticed any difference?

Not really. My sugar cravings seem to have lessened, which is good, but I don’t feel “better” or anything. On the other hand, I didn’t feel bad to begin with, so that’s fine.

But mentally I feel smug and proud of myself, and I like to think that I’m doing my body a long-term favor (Warning: Ben made fun of me for watching this video because it makes me one of “those people.” You know what kind of people I’m talking about, don’t act like you don’t.), so I’ll keep it up for as long as I can :)