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I’m really curious about hormones these days. Blame the pregnancy and subsequent having-a-kid thing.

I’m suddenly realizing what a huge effect hormones can have on you, which I guess is a bit “um duh” but it is directly affecting me so much right now and I can see it happening!


  • all that insomnia I had early on? totally hormone related.
  • I still get insomnia about 2 days a month, always around the same time. I’ve just started tracking it so I can see how long this pattern lasts. It’s gotta be hormone/cycle related though, right?!
  • Breastfeeding hormones? Holy cow. I often fall asleep after breastfeeding, which isn’t huge news, I read about that all the time online, but also: I swear I have become friendlier and more outgoing with strangers and I feel like it has to do with breastfeeding hormones. I wish there was some study I could find online talking about this but I couldn’t find anything.
  • I have read that breastfeeding hormones are anti-anxiety... which makes me worry that once I wean I’ll turn into a basket case. I have read a few blogs by people who were pretty profoundly affected by hormone withdrawal after weaning. Powerful stuff!
  • For the first two months after giving birth I was crazy in love with Ben (husband, for the uninitiated). Like OBSESSED with how much I loved him. 😛😛Not anymore though, sorry Ben. You are back to regular not freaky stalker weirdo love status. I assume this temporary spike in affection was a bunch of postpartum oxytocin spillover or something?
  • I didn’t realize this when I was pregnant, but progesterone makes you sleepy and you get a huge spike of progesterone when you first become pregnant. Which makes sense because I napped at least a couple days a week in the first trimester, and I am NOT a napper. Falling asleep during the day is basically impossible for me under normal circumstances.

It’s weird to me that I never noticed any of this kind of stuff before and now it’s at the forefront of my life. Curious how the next year or two go as things slowly level out.