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Mother’s day accomplishments!

I think today has been the most productive day I have had post baby. And it’s mother’s day too!

Today I:

  • Walked 3km at 8 in the morning (after grabbing a coffee.)
  • After getting home I then walked to the mall and picked up groceries
  • Came home and cleaned the crap out of the house
  • Mowed the back lawn (!!!!)
  • Walked back to the mall and picked up a bunch of flowers (would have done it in the same trip but my stroller couldn’t fit groceries + flowers)
  • Planted all the flowers in our front garden, which prior to this has just been a big disgusting pile of dirt littered with raccoon poop.

WELL NO MORE. (we’ll see how long that lasts for...)

I also got a bit of a sun burn because it is glorious outside and I didn’t put on sunscreen 😔So not everything was great about this mother's day.

Other bad things about this mother's day:

  • Peanut woke up at 4am and was awake for an hour for no reason. Then she woke up again at 6:45 and was like “ok cool it's morning let's do this!”
  • Peanut was then fussy all morning because OBVIOUSLY she did not sleep enough. But! She was pretty good after a few naps and sat serenely while I did all my productive chores 💪

Tonight: wine.

Also I hope Ben brings home a card or something. If he forgets my very first mother’s day I will be trés displeased.