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The first 4 months of baby P

Wow time has really flown by, but also really dragged on.

The "dragging on" bit is the whole, "Ugh, when will she sleep better, when will she stop fussing constantly, when will she smile, when will she laugh."

The "flown by" bit is... oh my god she's huge! She holds her head up! She doesn't do the little baby fetal position anymore! And nighttime cuddles and breastfeeding... I will be so sad when that is over for good, it has already changed so much from when she was first born 😭

At the moment, the sleep hasn't improved much, altough maybe a little. Or else I'm just used to it now.

The fussing... it's better. Not wonderful but much better than at first.

The smiling - wow does she ever smile! She loooves to smile.

Still waiting for some laughter but I think it's coming soon.