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The weekend in short!

We had a pretty good Victoria day long weekend 😊

The weekend before Ben had to work, so Saturday was the first time in 12 days that we got to do anything together! I think we made the most of our time.

Saturday we had a belated mother’s day lunch with Ben’s mom, and then went for a walk afterwards. Sunday we went for a hike, and then to a friend’s for drinks and lawn games.

Monday Ben had to do work but we went to a coffee shop where he worked and I read a book, and P alternated between napping, playing with us, and crying because she was tired again (I didn’t read a book during play time or cry time, don’t worry. I'm not that heartless 🙃). Later that evening we went for a nice long walk with the dog.

So that’s the tl;dr of our weekend.

In (negative) parenting news, last night was SO crappy!

It took me two hours to get P to fall asleep at bedtime, and then she was up every hour all night long. At 3am she had an especially hard time falling back asleep - she kept scratching her head and waking herself up, so I had to basically pin her arms down to her sides with my hands until she was in a deep enough sleep that she wasn’t tempted to scatch herself.

The glamour of motherhood.

In positive parenting news, while P continues to suck at sleeping and is still often very fussy, her happy times are also longer and more pronounced. We definitely get a lot more smiles out of her than we used to!

Oh yeah, one more thing: Remember when I said Ben had damn well better remember Mother's day? Well he didn’t really do anything on mother’s day, and I was irritated but just so busy being a mom that I didn’t have the energy to express my irritation so I let it slide.

For context: You know how advice columnists always say “Make sure you express your needs so that your spouse doesn’t have to be a mind reader.” I take this advice very seriously, and told him many times in the weeks leading up to mother’s day how I wanted him to acknowledge it in some way.


I know he’s also been stressed and busy and although it’s not a valid excuse, IMO, I can still kind of understand.

Oh god this is getting so long and I haven’t even gotten to the point.

So the point is: I’m really glad I never gave him a hard time because yesterday morning when I went to brush my teeth I found a card sitting on the sink with a sweet mother’s day message inside, so although he may have dropped the ball on the day of, he managed to make a nice recovery the next week ❤️ and that’s all I needed. 🤗