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Yes, I had a baby

I posted a pregnancy announcement back in September and then wrote a bit about the postpartum craziness but I never really wrote anything to say that yes, a baby happened.

If you follow me on instagram there are lots of photos, but at the moment I’m trying to avoid posting public pictures. Ben and I were a bit torn on the whole baby pic privacy situation online, but since you can’t take it back once you post it, I might as well hold off for now ☺️

The details I will share: It was a very very quick labour and birth. I’d love to write a whole play-by-play labour post, even though I’m sure it would be a bit TMI for most readers 😬 The tl;dr: I arrived at the hospital around 1pm and gave birth at 3:30pm. I did not end up using any pain medication. Yes, it hurt, no, I can’t really remember it anymore other than an abstract knowledge that it was painful.

The baby was a girl, as expected, and she was very very healthy and continues to be very healthy, other than some annoying eczema.

I’m taking the year off work and it’s been ok... although I miss working more than I thought I would! So far taking care of a baby is a bit boring, but I’m told it gets more fun as they become more interactive. I think things have started to improve a little now that she’s actually cheerful and smiling regularly and not just either crying, eating, or sleeping. Not to sound like a mean mom - even when she was in her grumpy little burrito phase she was still very sweet and cuddly.

She’s not a great sleeper and I often feel like a zombie, but I keep hoping that gets better soon. I’m always hearing about the four month sleep regression and wondering how it can possibly be any worse than it already is. Hopefully it can’t 🙃

That’s about it for now! I’m very happy and grateful that the pregnancy was so fantastic, the birth simple and complication free, and the baby happy, healthy, and growing well 🙂